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The journey of becoming a yoga teacher begins with your own healing, transformation, and growth. It begins with diving deeper – in your knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice, in your experience of yoga as a wholistic practice, and in your spiritual connection. Whether you are a student wanting to deepen your yoga practice and spiritual connection, or you are ready to take the next step and become a certified Inspirational or Christ-Centered yoga teacher, we have a proven method to help you reach your goals. All we ask is that you remain open and trust the journey.

Join us for the transformational journey of a lifetime and start making a difference in the lives of others, starting with your own!

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Join us this Spring for the Journey of a Lifetime!

What You Can Expect from the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Safe & Active Environment

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training consists of five modules in total, each focusing on different elements of yoga teacher development. Each module includes roughly 40 hours of instruction, personal practice and mandatory homework. Successful completion of all 5 modules will earn you a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate in Inspirational, Christ-Centered Yoga, or both. You will also be able to apply with the Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and obtain fitness insurance.

The Five Modules


*Advanced registration is required and space is limited.

What Makes Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Special

  • We have been successfully training instructors internationally since 2011.
  • We offer several levels of training, ranging from a Level 1 Certificate all the way through 300/500 Master’s training.
  • We provide options for participating in our training, including in-person, online, and self-paced (with personalized mentoring).
  • With our online training programs, you can take your training from anywhere in the world. We also have three training centers to choose from for in-person yoga camps in Chandler, AZ, Detroit, MI and Saskatoon, SK (Canada).
  • We keep our class sizes small. Because we provide individual mentoring during training, we limit our class size to 12-15 students. A small cohort helps to develop supportive relationships and community while ensuring that you get the most out of your training experience.
  • We provide personalized mentoring throughout. Your mentor will guide you through the development of your yoga teacher practice, leadership skills, and personal growth. Having a mentor improves your learning and retention, maintains accountability, and provides ongoing support throughout your training experience.
  • You can choose either of our two training tracts: Inspirational or Christ-Centered. No matter what your spiritual path, there is a place for you in this training program.
  • We are a registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliance. If you complete the 200 Hour YTT, you can able to register with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200.
  • You have lifetime access to our training materials and your mentors after you complete your training.
  • Most importantly, we care about you and your success. We want you to get everything you need from our program to accomplish your goals.

Module 1 — Dates TBA

Level 1 Yoga Workshop & Certification Foundations of Yoga - Yoga Camp

This four-day yoga camp provides a safe and interactive learning environment to grow in your understanding of yoga fundamentals. It also provides an opportunity to dive deeper into your yoga practice and will prepare you to teach Gentle and Level 1 yoga classes n a gym, fitness center, community center, church, or school environment. Successful completion will earn you a Level 1 Yoga Certification (L1CYT) and will enable you to teach Gentle and Level 1 yoga classes and get fitness insurance. This is also the first module for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

Module 1 Includes:

Online or In-Person in Chandler, AZ – Dates TBA

Recordings are provided for any missed content.

Module 2 — Dates TBA

Foundations of Yoga

This course provides detailed instruction in yoga history, philosophy, theory, and spiritual study, including yoga theory, including the origins of yoga, yoga philosophy, the eight limbs of yoga, Chakra theory, and the Koshas, pranayama (breathing techniques), mediation, and prayer. In addition, you will learn how to study Sacred text and how to incorporate it into your class messaging for Inspirational or Christ-centered yoga classes.

Module 2 Includes:

Online or Self-Paced – Wednesdays from 5-8 pm (Dates TBA)

Module 3 — Dates TBA

Teacher Ethics & Leadership

Ethics are vitally important to the teacher-student relationship, as well as all of the relationships in our lives. Our students have entrusted us with their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This is something we cannot take lightly and requires us to closely examine our ethics as well as clearly define our roles and responsibilities as teachers. This course concentrates on developing the teacher mindset, including instruction in ethics, roles and responsibilities, inner integrity, servant leadership, and self care.

Module 3 Includes:

Online or Self-Paced – Wednesdays from 5-8 pm (Dates TBA)

Module 4 — DATES TBA

Level 1-2 Pose Construction & Anatomy, Vinyasa Flow, Touch & Assists, and Teacher Practicum - Yoga Camp

This four-day yoga camp immersion provides a safe and interactive learning environment to grow in your understanding of Level 1-2 (Intermediate) Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to deepen and advance your yoga practice and take your teaching to the next level.

Module 4 Includes:

Online or In-Person in Chandler, AZ – Dates TBA

Recordings are provided for any missed content.

Module 5 — Dates TBA

Class Design & The Business of Yoga

This course is prepares you to design and deliver amazing classes that keep your students coming back. You will receive detailed instruction in class design and sequencing for Gentle, Level 1, Level 1-2, Level 2, and Vinyasa Flow classes as well as how to deliver classes in an online format. In addition, you will learn the business side of yoga including how to market and promote your classes, includingmarketing, promotion, and legal considerations. You will also receive practical experience in developing a workshop series or a business plan that will be ready to deliver upon completion of the course.

Module 5 Includes:

Online or Self-Paced – Wednesdays from 5-8 pm (Dates TBA)


Get Certified In-person or Online!

Join us live in Chandler, Arizona, participate remotely via Zoom, or get a self-paced by recording to learn at your own pace and at your convenience.

Chandler, AZ Location
2950 W Ray Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224

Dawn Hopkins

Founder & President of Inspiritus Yoga

Meet Your Trainer

Dawn Hopkins is the Founder and President of Inspiritus Yoga: Wholistic Wellness & Training Centers. Dawn is an E-RYT 500 Master Yoga Instructor and Trainer, Certified Yoga Therapist, Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki Practitioner, and Licensed Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Facilitator. Dawn also holds BA and MA degrees from UIUC.

Dawn has been helping people take charge of their health and wellness since 2002, when she owned and operated a women’s fitness center. As a trauma survivor who also navigated an eating disorder in her teens, Dawn discovered the healing power of yoga and mindful eating in 2004. She became a certified yoga instructor and licensed mindful eating facilitator in 2006. Since then, Dawn has used yoga and its various modalities to help her with her own healing, including two breast cancer journeys. Through yoga, she has come home to herself and has tapped into her own innate wholeness.

She believes it is her life’s calling to help others do the same.

“I remember the first yoga class I ever took. Truth be told, I didn’t really enjoy it. My body didn’t want to bend into the postures, it was too slow, and I couldn’t turn off my busy brain. As a former athlete, “sports” had come fairly naturally to me growing up. Yoga did not. I couldn’t do what the teacher and other students were doing. I felt stupid and uncoordinated. Mind you, yoga is not supposed to be competitive. However, my competitive nature kept me coming back for more. I was determined to understand why my friends were raving about all of the benefits they were receiving from the practice.

Then, one day, I was introduced to a style of yoga that resonated for me. When I tell you that everything changed, I’m not exaggerating. I couldn’t get enough! I started taking as many classes as I could. Less than a year later, I signed up for yoga teacher training.

I had NO intention to ever teach yoga. I just wanted to learn. After a 6 month journey, I completed my first yoga teacher training in April of 2006.

I put my hand up to sub for my teacher when she went on maternity leave and I have been teaching ever since! That one decision changed me in ways that I can’t even describe…and changed the direction of my life. Through yoga, I have found healing, hope, and connection. I have tapped into the peace that transcends all understanding. I have come home to myself. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving because I have the honor and privilege of sharing this powerful practice with others.”

What Others Are Saying

“Beginning yoga teacher training with Inspiritus Yoga was simply an act of feeding my own curiosity and love of learning. I was interested in deepening my practice, but signed up with no real intention of ever teaching others. As I come to the completion of the training I am in awe of how it has impacted my life. The depth of knowledge I gained and the opportunities for spiritual development have been so meaningful to me. It has brought me to a place where I believe the way forward is to be open to sharing and teaching what I have learned in some capacity. I am excited to discover how this sharing and teaching may manifest. The small class size, along with the incredible support of both Dawn and Shirley, fostered an environment where a group of strangers quickly became a harmonious band of friends. This setting promotes not only academic learning and collaboration, but more importantly it is a place for introspection and self-growth.”

~ Emily M.

“Taking my training through Inspiritus Yoga was one of the best decisions I had ever made. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I feel completely ready and supported to continue my yoga journey as a teacher.”


~ Sarah R

“Inspiritus Yoga has an awesome yoga teacher-training program. Their yoga instruction is excellent and very focused on teaching safety and proper alignment and engagement. I really liked the structure of the program and how it fit into my schedule well: online group instruction, one-on-one mentoring, and amazing intensive in-person yoga training retreats. I feel I received a very solid training and great foundation to build upon as I continue to grow and learn as a yoga practitioner and instructor. Additionally, I really loved the Christ-centered approach to yoga as that helped me deepen my spiritual walk with God and learn more about how to encourage others with a Christ-centered approach to yoga.”

 ~ Jane A

“Inspiritus Yoga is very concerned with giving its teachers the tools to teach yoga in an effective manner, safety for the teacher and the teacher’s futures students. It is a program where the student is allowed to ask questions and is not rushed through the process. I would recommend Inspiritus to anyone looking for a good quality yoga teacher training.”

~ Danielle S

“Inspiritus Yoga Teacher Training is a wonderful program, versatile in its training for Inspirational yoga teacher training and Christ-Centered yoga teacher training. The training webinars are amazing and perfect for teacher trainers who hold full-time jobs. And the mentors – my goodness, amazing mentors who are with you throughout the entirety of your journey of training! The curriculum is easy to understand and comprehend. Trainees practice in pairs to workshop postures and breathwork, engage in Q&A with our lead trainer/facilitator, as well as mentor(s) to gain in-depth knowledge of muscles and ligaments in the application of FAEE (Foundation, Alignment, Engagement, Eye/Gaze) to ensure a safe yoga practice for our students as new teachers! I was inspired, encouraged, made new friendships and gained lasting knowledge of the philosophy of yoga during my training at Inspiritus Yoga!”

~ Nyla E

“My passion for movement began at a young age as a gymnast. Through my twenties and thirties, I found enjoyment in pilates, yoga, and barre classes. If I’m honest though, throughout that season of my life, it was more about losing the baby weight from my 4 pregnancies and getting the rings closed on my Apple Watch. Until the day that stress, fear, achievement, striving, it all caught up with me, and I broke. Depleted with nothing left to pour out, my wise doctor prescribed yoga as part of my treatment plan. What I didn’t expect to happen, and what has kept me coming back to the mat ever since, was the improvement and restoration of my mind, body, and every facet of my life. Throughout my journey with Dawn and Inspiritus Yoga, my mat longer was an accessory or space to “get a vinyasa in”. It became a place of healing where I found grounding, peace, and the authentic self that I had discarded years ago. I will always be grateful, and move forward today with myself, my 200 hour certification, and an excitement to share this gift with others.”

~ Elissa O.

“I loved my yoga training with Dawn. I grew spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I loved that she emphasized proper alignment because I really needed correcting on that, but most of all, I love her passion for spiritual growth and authenticity, and integrating all of that together was amazing!”

~ Karen W

Advanced registration is required, and space is extremely limited. Apply by October 13!

“It was such a good training program. I enjoyed the interaction with the instructor and fellow students.”


~ Beth R

“Dawn is an amazing trainer, and I feel completely confident in leading yoga students through sequences and classes that are safe, challenging, and fulfilling. I absolutely loved my training. It helped me grow as a person, instructor, and Christ follower. I highly recommend Inspiritus Yoga.”

~ Rachael P

“I really like the way the program is laid out with time to digest and complete everything required. I also like how caring the teacher is with making sure each student knows what they are doing.”

~ Karen O

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about my teacher training! Inspiritus Yoga and Dawn provide a safe, welcoming environment for those that want to expand their practice and/or teach. The addition of the Christ-centered or Inspirational add-on is also an amazing gift for those that want to incorporate spiritual or inspirational messaging into their classes or simply want to take their practice to the next level. Dawn’s commitment to her student definitely shows in her approach to training yoga teachers. During our time together, she provided a safe environment for both coursework and practical application. She made herself available for 1 on 1 conversations outside of our weekly mentoring sessions and really encouraged us to go deep in our coursework. Her priority for practical application is foundation and safety, all while making it fun! When I completed this training I had reconnected with my spiritual side and couldn’t wait to begin teaching! I am fully ready to bring inspirational messaging to my students while guiding them through a yoga practice safely. I am looking forward to learning so much more and taking continuing education with Inspiritus Yoga and Dawn.”

~ Sandra S

“I cannot say enough good things about Dawn, both as a yoga teacher trainer and as a human being. She’s genuine, kind, caring and makes every student feel special, both on and off the mat. The 200 hour yoga teacher training program is thorough, well-paced and provides the knowledge and practiical skills necessary to ensure that a new yoga teacher is ready to instruct a safe, effective and meaningful class. Additionally, Dawn does a great job buidling community with each yoga training cohort. I made a whole set of new friends through the course, which was an added bonus. I’ll definitley continue to expand my personal and teaching practice through taking additional courses with Dawn.”

~ Cindy E.

“Deciding to take my Yoga Teacher Training 200 with Dawn at Inspiritus Yoga is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Not only did this program deepen my personal practice, it is very well designed to serve one’s professional pursuits as well. The curriculum was rich in all facets of yoga training. I loved the flexibility of the webinars, the depth of material explored, and the community created over these shared experiences. The yoga camps were so fulfilling and informative. The structure of the training modules is one of the jewels of this particular program, as it allows one to absorb the material fully and be able to incorporate this training into their current schedules. There is a big emphasis on class formatting with corresponding inspirational messages, which was my favorite component of the training. I felt well-versed in the Yoga Sutras as well as with the Yamas and Niyamas. I grew so much from the opportunity to delve into this aspect of sacred study and incorporating this back into my practice and teachings has been something that has continued to elevate me tremendously. In regards to the Asanas and sequences of yoga training, there is a very anatomy-based teaching approach with this program which I really appreciate. I felt that I left the program with a newfound expertise with the human body, yoga poses, and how to best modify, cue, and assist students. This aspect of the training provided the most confidence for me as a teacher to provide a safe and functional class. Finally, I want to note that the mentorship provided in this program is absolutely top-notch. Dawn is someone who cares deeply for her students and who is willing to go above and beyond in anyway necessary to assist us with the material. She is someone who will change your life and her mentorship is what sets her training apart from any other, by far! I can not emphasis the value of her leadership enough, she is truly a jewel to have in your corner as you embark on your YTT journey (and beyond!). If you’re looking for a well-rounded, inspirational, welcoming, encouraging, guided, functional, informative, and life-changing YTT program, then please look no further than Inspiritus Yoga.”

~ Shea F

“Teaching is in an intimate setting with emphasis on safety first. Yoga philosophy, class sequencing and messaging, and asana practice teaching come together in a perfect package. Student cohorts share a special bond and unique characteristics that define their mutual and individual journeys from practicing yoga to teaching yoga. A supportive, meaningful, inspiring and transformational training program available for all!”

~ Priscilla K

“Inspiritus Yoga has an awesome yoga teacher-training program. Their yoga instruction is excellent and very focused on teaching safety and proper alignment and engagement. I really liked the structure of the program and how it fit into my schedule well: online group instruction, one-on-one mentoring, and amazing intensive in-person yoga training retreats. I feel I received a very solid training and great foundation to build upon as I continue to grow and learn as a yoga practitioner and instructor. Additionally, I really loved the Christ-centered approach to yoga as that helped me deepen my spiritual walk with God and learn more how to encourage others with a Christ-centered approach to yoga.”

~ Jane A

“Dawn’s yoga training program was life-changing to anyone who had gone through it. She always met everyone where they were at. Dawn quickly figured who they were and what might enhance or hold them back. The ones who were naturals she just gave them the guidance and let them develop their own style of teaching while just coaxing them along. Those that were held back by their own insecurities, wounds and fears she would navigate the right way to encourage them even if it meant pushing them outside their own comfort zone (I fell into this category). I never saw her lose faith or give up hope on anyone of her students. She made us all feel like we belonged in the yoga world. Dawn has a unique way of making every individual feeling special and she was very good at reading their talents and guided them in the right direction.”

~ Collene B.