Inspiritus Yoga

About Our Wholistic Wellness & Training Centers

The Latin word, inspiritus, means in the spirit or in the soft breath. It contains the word spirit which means breath, spirit, soul, courage or vigor. It also contains the word us which means joined or together. Inspiritus is the root for the word inspiration. If you break it down In-Spirit-Us, it is us-in-Spirit, both individually (us to God/the Divine) and collectively (us to each other). Yoga is the practice of yoking mind and heart, body and spirit to bring about health, wellness and wholeness. 

Through yoga and holistic wellness programs, we help people heal, grow, transform and connect spiritually.

Inspiritus Yoga provides an emphasis on spirituality and openness; it’s what differentiates them from other yoga studios. We have a Christ centered program, and an inspirational program for people who don’t consider themselves Christians, so they can connect spiritually in whatever way they can. We accept people where they are and encourage them to heal and grow.

Inspiritus Yoga offers yoga instruction for every level client (student), yoga therapy, Thai yoga therapy, Reiki energy healing, mindful eating teaching and coaching, yoga teacher training, continuing education, holistic wellness programs, workshops and retreats.


Dawn Hopkins

Founder & President
Leader of Southwest Training Center

Licensed Trainers & Training Centers

Trina Campbell

Licensed Yoga Teacher Trainer & 
Leader of Midwest Training Center

Shirley Berthelet

Licensed Yoga Teacher Trainer &
Leader of Canadian Training Center

Leanne Parsons

Assistant Yoga Teacher Trainer
Canadian Training Center