Chakra Balancing

Tap into your own body’s healing power, restore the flow of energy, and increase your health and vitality.

The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit for “wheel” or “turning”. According to yoga tradition, Chakras are thought to be wheel-like disks or vortices which collect and distribute energy within the subtle energy body of living beings. The energy centers originate from a central point along the spine and permate through the layers of the subtle body in an ever-increasing fan-shaped formation. There are seven main Chakras, where each correlates to specific organ systems, bodily functions, emotions, and ailments or dysfunctions.

Developing a regular practice of breathing, using sound vibration, receiving Reiki energy healing, practicing poses that open each area, and cultivating awareness will help to bring health and healing to each of the Chakras or energy centers. Clearing the energy can also open the energy pathways, balance our emotional state, and promote a feeling of general well-being.


First time – $50 for 60 Minute Session
60 Minute Session – $75 individual, $150 small group
75 Minute Session – $90 individual, $175 small group

Save 10% off when you purchase a package of 3.

*Sessions are offered in my home studio in Chandler, AZ. I also offer sessions in the privacy of your home. Travel fees apply.