“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.” ~ W.J. Cameron

The word Thanksgiving (thanks-giving), is about GIVING Thanks.

Did you know that Thanks-giving is good for you? Studies show that those who focus on gratitude are happier, view things in a more positive manner, and are healthier overall. It’s true! Gratitude has a profound and positive effect on our health, mood, and the survival of our relationships.

That’s right…our RELATIONSHIPS!

John Gottman, a marriage and relationship researcher, found that the “magic formula” for a healthy successful relationship is 5 appreciations (expressions of thanks) for every 1 criticism. A follow up study done by Zenger & Folleman concluded it’s more like 5.6 to 1. This applies not only to our relationships with others. It also applies to the most important relationship of all – our relationship with ourselves!

Gratitude isn’t just a feeling, it’s an attitude and an ACTION. It’s not enough to FEEL thankful, we need to express our gratitude. For what (and whom) are you thankful? Can you now direct it toward yourself as well? The breath in your lungs? Your amazing body and all it can do? Your gifts and talents? Your character? Your growth? The way you love and care for others?

Practicing gratitude helps us shift from lack to abundance. The more we practice it, the more opportunities we will see to be thankful! So, put on your “gratitude goggles” and get busy giving thanks.

This year, I am more thankful (thank-full) than ever – for this beautiful life I have been given, the restoration and healing of my body, the love of my family and friends, the gift of being able to do what I love every day, and so much more. I’m also thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving! May you abound in the abundance that gratitude creates!