Train Yoga Instructors

Yoga has changed your life. You wouldn’t be the person you are today had it not been for the healing, learning, and transformation that you experienced through yoga. Friends, family, co-workers, and colleagues have all noticed changes in your life and you’ve been eager to invite them to experience your reason for a new outlook. […]

Add-On Programs for Existing Yoga Teachers

Christ-Centered Add-On Become certified to teach Christ-Centered yoga classes. Learn how to: study and assimilate the Bible, incorporate Scripture into your yoga classes, design Christ-Centered yoga classes, market and promote your classes, take care of your holy temple, and lead like Jesus. This course is available for existing 200-hour yoga teachers who wish to become […]

Online Self-Paced Yoga Programs

In a changing world, we need to remain flexible and remember that yoga meets us exactly where we are. That’s why we are now offering Online Self-Paced Training Programs. These programs offer quality online specialty instruction for students, and provide opportunities for teachers to receive CEUs, Specialty Certificates, and M-AYST Credit towards a 300 or […]

Continuing Yoga Education

As a student or teacher of yoga, it’s important to maintain a learner’s mind as we continue to grow and evolve in our practice..and as a human being. And, a great teacher never stops being a student. In order to continue learning and growing we have to make continuing education a priority. At Inspiritus Yoga, […]

Become A Master Yoga Teacher

You’ve been teaching yoga for a while and love it! Becoming a Master-level yoga teacher is your next step. Our Master Advanced Yoga Specialty & Therapy training (M-AYST) will deepen your teaching practice while expanding your knowledge. At Inspiritus Yoga, we offer 300 or 500-hour Master Instructor training. You’ll earn a M-AYST certificate upon completion […]

Change Lives, Starting with Your Own!

Yoga Teacher Training that Meets Your Needs The journey of becoming a yoga teacher begins with your own healing, transformation, and growth. It begins with diving deeper in your yoga practice to bring forth the best version of yourself. We recognize that completing a program like this is a big step. Know that you are […]