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Unlock A Lifetime of Wholeness

Go beyond the first 7 days and step into a 30 day journey to begin the wholeness in life you’ve been seeking.

And what’s more… keep your access to the entire 30 Days to Wholeness experience forever with Lifetime Access and reuse your favorite sessions whenever you want.

After your seven days are over, the videos go away — but not if you make the decision now to take they entire journey today with a one-time purchase.

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Your Videos Focus On Four Core Areas

Week 1


Exploring practices to improve your physical strength, flexibility, mobility, and balance.

Week 2


Exploring mindfulness practices to calm and de-stress the mind, retrain the brain, and improve our mind-body connection.

Week 3


Exploring practices to nurture our hearts, improve our emotional intelligence, and bring forth the best version of ourselves.

Week 4


Exploring “soul care” practices to nurture and uplift our spirit, and improve our spiritual connection.

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