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Healing & Transformation Through Yoga

At Inspiritus Yoga, we facilitate connection through yoga – connection within yourself, spiritual connection, and connection through community. Through these connections, you will experience healing, growth and transformation. No matter what your spiritual orientation is, we provide a safe and loving space for you to explore these connections through our Inspirational or Christ-centered programming.

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Marisel Herrera

“I am stronger, healthier, more centered and more peaceful through the yoga therapy/coaching.”

Marisel Herrera

Kathy Williams

“The yoga has strengthened me, relaxed me and made me aware of the need for self-care in our fast paced world.”

Kathy Williams

Yoriko Taniguchi

” My highest recommendation for anybody who seeks God through Yoga!!”

Yoriko Taniguchi

Tanya Wheeless

“Doing my yoga training through Inspiritus Yoga was a life-changing experience.”

Tanya Wheeless

Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy & Mindful Eating

A Complete Lineup of Wellness & Healing Services

Yoga Classes

Inspirational or Christ-Centered yoga classes designed to help you heal and grow – no matter where you are on your journey. Online yoga classes are offered weekly.

Private Yoga Classes

Go beyond the group yoga class experience and take your yoga practice to the next level – individual or small group private yoga classes give you that lift. Private online yoga classes are available.

Yoga Therapy

Improve overall health and wellness with Yoga Therapy, a wholistic approach that uses ancient, proven techniques to heal the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Private online Yoga Therapy sessions are available.


Reiki Energy Healing

Promote energy flow and create space for deep healing to take place through Reiki Energy Healing. Online and distance Reiki Energy Healing sessions are available.

Thai Yoga Therapeutics

Promote healing and improve flexibility, range of motion, overall wellness, and vitality through the ancient techniques of Thai Yoga Bodywork. Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions are provided in accordance with CDC recommendations.

Mindful Eating Group

Mindful Eating Programs

Never diet again and heal your relationship with food and your body with our Mindful Eating programs. Online private and self-paced Mindful Eating programs are available.

Yoga At Home

Take a class in the privacy of your own home.

Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Breakaway from the demands of daily life, experience refreshment, rejuvenation, renewal and re-discover yourself through a variety of planned yoga and wellness activities.

Start Changing Lives as a Yoga Teacher or Trainer!

Take your yoga to the next level with our yoga teacher training and continuing education programs. Are you a student seeking growth by deepening your knowledge and practice? Do you want to help others experience transformation through yoga by becoming a yoga teacher? Are you a yoga teacher wanting to take your teaching to the next level or even train other teachers? We have the perfect program for you!