Shirley Berthelet

Licensed Yoga Teacher Trainer & Leader of Canadian Training Center

Shirley Berthelet is co-founder of BreatheMoveBe offering yoga classes and Fitness Yoga Teacher training and an Inspiritus Yoga Licensed Yoga Teacher Trainer and Leader of the Canadian Training Center. Shirley’s background includes: SPRA Group Fitness Instructor certification, Canfitpro – Personal Training Specialist. Shirley is a certified Wellness & Nutrition Coach through NASM. Shirley has a Master’s Level certification in yoga training and has pursued extensive training in many areas of yoga and meditation.

Shirley loves to teach yoga because it is the “Journey of yourself, through yourself to yourself” The philosophy of the practice teaches that through self study you will “Know yourself so well that you will grow into your wholeness and greatness.” She is of the belief that the best asset we have for contributing to the world is ourselves and when we underinvest in ourselves, we damage the very tool we need to make our highest contribution. Her real passion is in bringing that message to the world by training and mentoring individuals who feel as passionately about that message as she does.