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Inspirational or Christ-centered yoga classes that meet you where you are

On-Demand Yoga Classes That Meet You Where You Are

The yoga world has changed dramatically in the past few years, and so have we! We now offer a wide variety of on demand yoga classes that meet you where you are – no matter where you are in your yoga practice or where you are in the world!

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Take advantage of our extensive Video on Demand library of classes in the following categories:

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is simply that – restorative. It is a gentle, still and restful practice that involves centering your breath and body to facilitate rest and restoration. It helps to align the physical and mental by practicing stillness, using props to help you comfortably hold the poses for long periods of time. Other healing elements are included to help facilitate deep healing and restoration.

Gentle Yoga

This is a gentle, self-paced class emphasizing postures to stretch and strengthen the body. It addresses many common ailments through the use of yoga poses, relaxation techniques and breath work. Appropriate for all levels of student. Beginners, seniors, pre/post-natal and other special populations are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Foundational (Level 1) Yoga

A self-paced class emphasizing the fundamental poses of yoga to reinforce foundation and focus. It is a moderately active class complimented by deep stretching to promote the discovery of stillness, combined with slow flow to link breath and movement. Appropriate for all levels of student.

Slow Flow Yoga

This intentional and inspirational practice combines gentle stretching and flow sequences to help you create space in the body, increase flexibility and mobility, and improve your overall well-being and vitality. It is a relaxing and fun practice with modifications offered throughout the class to suit everyone’s ability. Ideal to recharge, de-stress, and elevate the body and mind! Appropriate for all levels of student.

Christ-Centered Yoga

Christ-Centered Yoga classes designed to connect body, mind, heart and spirit. Class types range from Gentle, Foundational (Level 1), and Slow Flow (see class descriptions) for all levels of practitioner. Biblical messaging is included to provide a full-body worship experience. Be still, breathe, de-stress, restore, and connect spiritually.

Stress & Trauma (Psoas) Release with Yoga Nidra

A yoga therapy class targeted to allow our bodies innate ability to release stress and trauma, both physically and emotionally. The therapy targets the psoas, a large muscle in our lower torso that connects to the thigh bone. Your psoas should be a primary concern for EVERY BODY, whether a champion athlete or unable to move due to chronic back pain. Achieve new possibilities as your body re-learns to let go! Based on the TRE or Trauma Release Exercises developed by David Berceli, PhD, this class helps you to retrain your body to energetically release stress as well as the little and big traumas of life held in our muscles. This therapy is helpful for both physical and emotional healing. Class concludes with a Yoga Nidra meditation (yogic sleep) to help the body integrate the practice in a deep state of healing and restoration. Some yoga experience is recommended.

Yoga Therapy

This series consists of various Yoga Therapy sessions targeting various healing projects in the body. Each class will have a different healing focus, using layering of asana (postures), pranayama (breath), a theme or message, and other healing elements (mudra, mantra, etc.). Appropriate for all levels of student.


Short meditations designed to de-stress, quiet the mind, still the body, cultivate a peaceful presence, and bring the body back to a state of homeostasis and equanimity. We explore various type of meditation, so get ready to find your bliss!

In-Person Christ-Centered Yoga Classes for Women

Join us for a full-body worship experience with in-person Christ-Centered Yoga classes for women!

What is Christ-Centered Yoga? Christ-centered yoga transforms yoga from a physical practice into a full-body worship experience that nurtures the body, mind, heart, and spirit. By integrating yoga postures, breathing techniques, uplifting music, meditation on Scripture, and prayer, you will enter into a full-body worship encounter while helping you experience healing and wholeness in a unique and powerful way.

Be still. Breathe. De-stress. Nurture your body. Calm your mind. Heal your soul. Connect with God. Your body and spirit will thank you!

  • Mondays at 6:00 pm – Gentle Christ-Centered Yoga with Dawn Hopkins

Classes are donation-based with a suggested donation of $10 per class. Online credit card donations are accepted in advance. Or you may bring cash or check and donate onsite. We do not want finances to be a barrier, so please give as you are able and feel led.

Risen Savior Lutheran Church, North Building, Grade 3/4 Classroom
23914 S Alma School Rd Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

In-person class size is limited to 15 participants, and advanced registration is required. Please email if you experience any challenges registering, or if you have any questions or concerns.

We can’t wait to share this amazing practice with you!

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