Trina Campbell

Licensed Yoga Teacher Trainer & Leader of Midwest Training Center

Trina Campbell is an Inspiritus Yoga Licensed Yoga Teacher Trainer & Leader of the Midwest Training Training Center. She is the owner of Sacred Space Yoga Centre, and founder of Exalt God Only (EGO) yoga. She is a master Christ-Centered yoga instructor, massage therapist, and reflexology therapist.

Trina accidentally stumbled across Christian yoga one Saturday morning when she decided to add worship music to her normal yoga practice. From this one simple change, her practice and direction changed. Since that Saturday morning over eight years ago, she practices and teaches yoga strictly from a Christian/inspirational space. Trina opened Sacred Space Yoga Centre (SSYC) in 2015, a special space where emotional, physical, and spiritual healing takes place. The Centre offers not only yoga, but massage and reflexology services, as well as healthy eating seminars and education on the potency of essential oils for overall health.

Although she has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, her first formal training was not until 2003. Five years after that, she upped her training and went on a quest to learn everything there is to know about the health benefits of yoga. She has also included massage and reflexology certifications in her repertoire.

Trina is a highly sought after yoga instructor and speaker in the benefits and knowledge of “Christians Practicing Yoga”. Her expertise is with seniors, children, and with those looking to use yoga to offset illnesses and relieve stress. Trina loves what she does and she love sharing it with others.